Saturday, March 26, 2011

'Like' this page on Facebook...

After a few requests that I make a Facebook page for all of you, I finally did.
What's this page for?

Well, it's to help each other with questions, ask your own questions, share reviews and photos, and chat. Really, anything!

So this will help me out - and you too. :) 

Also, "JCWC" stands for "Jen Cate Wig Community".

Thanks everyone! :)

P.S. - A blog post will be made soon with all of your blog and video reviews! Just keep sharing yours either on the Facebook page or post them in the blog post about the reviews. Thanks!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Follow Jen Cate on Twitter!

Because it's kinda lame if I'm tweeting to nobody! Hahaha

Thanks! :)

I need YOUR help! Reviews needed for the blog!

Hello again, everyone!
A few people are wondering about the quality of the wigs from Ebay compared to the ones that MissDemented/MissVioletLace/TiffanyDeMichele/Other fakers that sell wigs on Etsy.

I know that some of you have recently purchased wigs from Ebay (as well as myself) and I would love to have reviews from all of you on what you think of them compared to the wigs being *resold on Etsy.

So when you receive your wig(s), either write a blog review, do a video, or just email me at with your thoughts!

I'd like to know:

-What material the wig you got from Ebay is made from.
Remember that MD and MVL's wigs were made from kanekalon.

-Is your new wig from Ebay shiny or more natural looking?

-Is this a wig that was also being resold on Etsy?

-General comparisons between Etsy "handmade" wigs and Ebay wigs.

If you do a blog/written review, photos of side by side wigs are welcomed!
If you do a video, a comparison of MD/MVL/TDM wigs and Ebay wigs are also very welcome!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you soon! :)

Remember, questions/comments/whatever you gotta say, send them over to

NOTE: It may take some time to get to your question/comment but I'm getting to everyone asap! :)

*not ALL wig sellers on Etsy are resellers, but more than a handful are.

Update: Another MissDemented Ebay account

A lovely person just recently sent me a link on my formspring. They've found another account that belongs to MissDemented.

Her accounts (so far): 

Check out the wigs she purchased, the dates, the shops. All that good stuff.
You'd THINK she'd try to do a bit better at HIDING.

Thank you very much to the anon doing more research!

Friday, March 18, 2011

MissD/MVL Wigs - FAQ type stuff.

Hi, everyone! This post is for the shops MD and MVL frequently purchased from on Ebay.
I'm making this because I get so many questions about where certain wigs are from. Which is not bad, but it would be helpful if you looked through these stores on Ebay before asking me to find whatever wig for you. :)

Here are the shops: 

Also, here is MissDemented's alternate Ebay account which she used to purchase a lot of her wigs from: 

Yes, it LOOKS like MVL, BUT MissD changed her Ebay to look like MVL. It used to be "emptyjellybean".

Please take a look through her feedback, and there are direct links to wigs there, and the shops where she got them from. :)

If you still cannot find the wig you are looking for, then feel free to contact me after you've looked through these shops @

Two tone wigs are just two wigs on top of one another. So if it were black on top, and hot pink on the bottom, it's just two separate wigs. That's why you can't find those exact ones on Ebay. :)
But if you'd like a two tone wig, I suggest getting them from Ebay and sewing the wigs together yourself. If you mess up, just take the thread out and try again. It's a lot cheaper than buying a wig from MD or MVL!

ALSO! Common things to search when looking for a specific wig:

Say you're looking for a hot pink wig.
Search: cherry pink cosplay wig

Other colors:

*color here* cosplay wig

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miss Demented (Etsy Shop) & Miss Violet Lace (Ebay Shop) Screenshots

Here is a screenshot taken from MissDemented's Etsy shop claiming that she makes the wigs herself:
(Outlined in red)
 And a link to the image:

(I find it just slightly amusing that the captcha I had to type in to upload the image included the word "revealed".)

Also, here is a screenshot taken from MissVioletLace's Ebay store:
(sadly, I didn't take one from her Etsy shop before she changed it... if you happen to have a screenshot of her shop announcement BEFORE she changed it, let me know so I can post it here! :) )

And again, link to the image:

Here's what her Facebook fan page said BEFORE to being edited:
Link to the image: 

So they may have changed their info up, but there's still proof of their previous statements. :)

Also, any questions/comments/whatever you wanna say, feel free to send them to: 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miss Demented and Miss Violet Lace; Buying from Ebay, selling on Etsy

Have you ever wondered how MissDemented and MissVioletLace are making so many wigs for all the orders they get? Even in one day, they sell up to 15 wigs. Maybe more during one of their sales.

You think you're getting an awesome deal on these "handmade" wigs, right? Well you're not.


Want to know how much they're paying for these wigs? Not ANYWWHERE CLOSE to what you've been paying!
These wigs are made in factories outside of the U.S. Mostly China and Japan.
They sell at different prices. Ranging from $9 to $35!
How much are you paying for your wigs? Most likely anywhere from $56 (ON SALE!) to $210!

Ever wonder why their 'two-tone' wigs are so fluffy?
They are TWO DIFFERENT WIGS. One sewn right on top of another. HENCE THE TWO WIG CAPS ON THEM.

Think I'm bullshitting you? Nope. Here's PROOF:

Here is one of MissDemented's wigs named "Take Me To Outer Space":

This one sells for $100 and $6 shipping.
Here's the EXACT SAME wig found on Ebay:
Here's the Ebay store:

Take a look through that Ebay store. There's quite a few other wigs that MissDemented sells and calls her own creations.

Not enough proof yet? Fine. I'll provide more. (;

Here's her ever popular "River Monster" wig:

Selling for $102 and $6 shipping.
And HERE it is from Ebay:

Only $17.99 on Ebay! With $9.99 shipping, but hey, A LOT LESS THAN $102, RIGHT!?

And here is MissDemented's "Black Widow" wig:

And here it is on Ebay:

See where I'm going with this? But I could go on! And I will. (:

Here's her wig called "Bruises":

And again, from Ebay:

And her "Flare" wig:

And again, from Ebay:

Oh, lets not forget her popular "Jokers Wild" wig:

And once again, from Ebay:

And now, what I believe to be her alternate Ebay account (she could have multiple ones, NOT including her "MissDemented" Ebay store):

1.) Take a look at her profile picture on her "MissDemented" fan page on Facebook. See what her necklace says? "JELLYBEAN"
She seems to have a thing for them. Perhaps her nickname, even.

2.) Look at her feedback. And look at all the wig purchases. You can even click "View Item" and see what has been purchased from that account.

Now, I don't have PROOF that IS her Ebay account, BUT LOOK AT ALL THE PROOF I PROVIDED FOR YOU UP THERE.


Alright, now onto the wigs MissVioletLace sells;

This was her "Cherry Cherry Boom"(it sold on 12-28-2010):
And this is the same wig from Ebay:

This wig sells for $4.99 on Ebay! GEEZ!

This one is her "Candy Kiss" wig:

And here it is from Ebay:

This one is "Banana Berry":
And again, from Ebay:
"Black Licorice Twist" wig:
From Ebay:
"Vanilla Dream Cake":

"Ocean Breeze" wig from MissVioletLace:

And the same wig from Ebay, again:

"Wonderland Tea Party" wig:
And from Ebay:

A hot pink wig that both MissDemented and MissVioletLace sell:

MissVioletLace's one is called "Cupcake Princess"
And MissDemented's one is called "Gummy Bears"

Here it is on Ebay:

"Wild Side" wig:
Ebay wig:

And that's not all of them, of course!
If you have any questions, or want more proof, check out my formspring. I've already got more listed there.