Saturday, March 26, 2011

'Like' this page on Facebook...

After a few requests that I make a Facebook page for all of you, I finally did.
What's this page for?

Well, it's to help each other with questions, ask your own questions, share reviews and photos, and chat. Really, anything!

So this will help me out - and you too. :) 

Also, "JCWC" stands for "Jen Cate Wig Community".

Thanks everyone! :)

P.S. - A blog post will be made soon with all of your blog and video reviews! Just keep sharing yours either on the Facebook page or post them in the blog post about the reviews. Thanks!


  1. Craaaap! I wish I had read the feedback you left before I bought a wig from MVL. hahah, would have saved a lot of money. D:

  2. Reminder!!
    To everyone who is going to post their feedback to MVL, MD, and TDM. Please add those addresses with your feedback. It's important that potential buyers need to be informed, other wise they will think we are angry about nothing, or give them the impression we are abunch of thugs and bullies. We need to be understood, not just seen and heard. Thanks to all of you for your support and confidence.

  3. Oh! I forgot please post these websites with your feedbacks for MD, MVL, and TDM:
    Most importantly:
    To Jen Cate and the person who left the negative feedback back for TMD.
    A great big thank U!

  4. thank you so much for posting everything! i ALMOST bought a wig from her and im surely glad i didnt. i would of wasted my money and cheated another artist out of their own work that she's stealing!

  5. Hi all! I just wanted to post here too (I already have on Jen's FB page!)

    I have a few "MissDemented" wigs, and I bought lots more on EBay since I found out the truth and now... I have more than I'll ever wear! Plus, some just aren't my color. :) So I'm selling them on EBay! I'm only selling the ones that I've only worn ONCE, and I'm NOT selling them for profit! :)

    Here is one:

    I'll be adding a couple more soon too :)

    Thanks ladies!

  6. I was just wondering if anyone who had opened a paypal dispute had any input for me? I filed a complaint with paypal about on of these sellers and paypal ruled in my favor saying the item could be returned in it's original condition but @ my expense, I would have to ship it with delivary confirmation and all that and after it's confirmed delivered then they will process a refund. My question is what happens if I do this and then the seller receives the wig and lies or something, like she's known to do, and says i sent it back ruined or not in it's original condition? It is a took it out of the box and tried it on when i got it and the rest of the time it's been in the bag it came with because i wasn't happy with it, thought maybe i'd wear it for halloween. Then would paypal deny my refund? I'm just worried that if i send it back, which will cost me about $20, that she'll lie or something and then I won't get my money back, i won't have the wig and i'll be out an extra $20, i don't really want loose any more money to these people!! I don't have much faith in paypal because i've had a dispute with them before where i bought from an ebay seller who never sent my items or responded to my emails and i went through the whole claim process and won but the seller had no money in their paypal account and had basically disappeared (It was a seller with only one feedback and normally i wouldn't buy but it was a cheap $20 thing, but that's not the point) so i didn't get my money back. Which kind of made me wonder what the point of paypal buyer protection is if just because there's no funds in the account you don't get you're money back. I thought the whole point was you would get you're money back regardless. So yeah sorry for the ramble but anyone have any advice?

  7. I swear. I am so annoyed. I thought that MVL was going to be closed down. But, NO. She restocked her Etsy store and put a new header that says that they "re-work and re-design" wigs. The nerve. I just can't get over it.

  8. Missdemented seems to be gone from etsy this morning..