Friday, March 18, 2011

MissD/MVL Wigs - FAQ type stuff.

Hi, everyone! This post is for the shops MD and MVL frequently purchased from on Ebay.
I'm making this because I get so many questions about where certain wigs are from. Which is not bad, but it would be helpful if you looked through these stores on Ebay before asking me to find whatever wig for you. :)

Here are the shops: 

Also, here is MissDemented's alternate Ebay account which she used to purchase a lot of her wigs from: 

Yes, it LOOKS like MVL, BUT MissD changed her Ebay to look like MVL. It used to be "emptyjellybean".

Please take a look through her feedback, and there are direct links to wigs there, and the shops where she got them from. :)

If you still cannot find the wig you are looking for, then feel free to contact me after you've looked through these shops @

Two tone wigs are just two wigs on top of one another. So if it were black on top, and hot pink on the bottom, it's just two separate wigs. That's why you can't find those exact ones on Ebay. :)
But if you'd like a two tone wig, I suggest getting them from Ebay and sewing the wigs together yourself. If you mess up, just take the thread out and try again. It's a lot cheaper than buying a wig from MD or MVL!

ALSO! Common things to search when looking for a specific wig:

Say you're looking for a hot pink wig.
Search: cherry pink cosplay wig

Other colors:

*color here* cosplay wig

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow I just found one wig The Red Queen I bought from Krista/Miss Violet Lace on Etsy on sale for $60 on Ebay for less than $30 including shipping. She made no alterations what so ever. "The Red Queen" is really Long Curly Burgundy Hair Wigs 8902 from Wig Fever on Ebay.

    And "Ember" from Miss Demented is really Long Burgundy Hair Wig 5502 from Wig Fever. Miss Demented sold it to me for about $70 on sale. All she did was buy the wig off Ebay for about $25 and trim the bangs to a uniform length.

    This pisses me off. I already logged in the disputes with Etsy and Paypal.

  2. Thanks for the links, I LOVE these wigs! I have plenty of them favorited in both of those Etsy shops, earmarked for a future purchase, but now I can buy them for less! <3

  3. Thank you so much for your blog and links! I'm so glad I googled her before buying anything. Thank you for saving my money. :D
    I've found all the wigs I've planned on buying except her 'Raspberry Delight' one.
    Do you have any idea where that one might be (I looked through all the shops)?