Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miss Demented and Miss Violet Lace; Buying from Ebay, selling on Etsy

Have you ever wondered how MissDemented and MissVioletLace are making so many wigs for all the orders they get? Even in one day, they sell up to 15 wigs. Maybe more during one of their sales.

You think you're getting an awesome deal on these "handmade" wigs, right? Well you're not.


Want to know how much they're paying for these wigs? Not ANYWWHERE CLOSE to what you've been paying!
These wigs are made in factories outside of the U.S. Mostly China and Japan.
They sell at different prices. Ranging from $9 to $35!
How much are you paying for your wigs? Most likely anywhere from $56 (ON SALE!) to $210!

Ever wonder why their 'two-tone' wigs are so fluffy?
They are TWO DIFFERENT WIGS. One sewn right on top of another. HENCE THE TWO WIG CAPS ON THEM.

Think I'm bullshitting you? Nope. Here's PROOF:

Here is one of MissDemented's wigs named "Take Me To Outer Space":

This one sells for $100 and $6 shipping.
Here's the EXACT SAME wig found on Ebay:
Here's the Ebay store:

Take a look through that Ebay store. There's quite a few other wigs that MissDemented sells and calls her own creations.

Not enough proof yet? Fine. I'll provide more. (;

Here's her ever popular "River Monster" wig:

Selling for $102 and $6 shipping.
And HERE it is from Ebay:

Only $17.99 on Ebay! With $9.99 shipping, but hey, A LOT LESS THAN $102, RIGHT!?

And here is MissDemented's "Black Widow" wig:

And here it is on Ebay:

See where I'm going with this? But I could go on! And I will. (:

Here's her wig called "Bruises":

And again, from Ebay:

And her "Flare" wig:

And again, from Ebay:

Oh, lets not forget her popular "Jokers Wild" wig:

And once again, from Ebay:

And now, what I believe to be her alternate Ebay account (she could have multiple ones, NOT including her "MissDemented" Ebay store):


1.) Take a look at her profile picture on her "MissDemented" fan page on Facebook. See what her necklace says? "JELLYBEAN"
She seems to have a thing for them. Perhaps her nickname, even.

2.) Look at her feedback. And look at all the wig purchases. You can even click "View Item" and see what has been purchased from that account.

Now, I don't have PROOF that IS her Ebay account, BUT LOOK AT ALL THE PROOF I PROVIDED FOR YOU UP THERE.


Alright, now onto the wigs MissVioletLace sells;

This was her "Cherry Cherry Boom"(it sold on 12-28-2010):
And this is the same wig from Ebay:

This wig sells for $4.99 on Ebay! GEEZ!

This one is her "Candy Kiss" wig:

And here it is from Ebay:

This one is "Banana Berry":
And again, from Ebay:
"Black Licorice Twist" wig:
From Ebay:
"Vanilla Dream Cake":

"Ocean Breeze" wig from MissVioletLace:

And the same wig from Ebay, again:

"Wonderland Tea Party" wig:
And from Ebay:

A hot pink wig that both MissDemented and MissVioletLace sell:

MissVioletLace's one is called "Cupcake Princess"
And MissDemented's one is called "Gummy Bears"

Here it is on Ebay:

"Wild Side" wig:
Ebay wig:

And that's not all of them, of course!
If you have any questions, or want more proof, check out my formspring. I've already got more listed there.


  1. Sooo why are you trying to ruin Miss Demented's success?

  2. @Monica
    Wowww, if you call SCAMMING people "success". Lmao.

  3. @Jen
    Innocent until proven guilty =)

  4. @Monica
    Lol which is why I've reported both MissDemented and MissVioletLace to Etsy. (:

  5. @Jen
    Well...if it is true...which I must say I hope it's not, mostly because I like Miss Demented's wigs quite a bit from what I've seen...but if it is true then good job =/

  6. @Monica
    Look, I don't want it to be true either. I really liked MissDemented and "her" wigs, but the facts are up there. Even last night I kept finding more and more wigs that she sells as her own. It's not fair to any of us to be paying that much. It's shallow, and I don't want this to go on any more. And that goes for MissVioletLace, too. :\

  7. @Jen
    Yeah, I understand that =/
    Blehhh this sucks D=

  8. @Monica
    Yes, it does really suck ): But on the bright side; at least we can get wigs at a more affordable price now. :\

  9. Hey Jen thanks for doing this - I feel sick about the amount of money I have spent on MVL's "handmade" wigs. Do you know the Ebay store where she buys the Wonderland Tea Party wig from? (the big curly pink wig)?

  10. Well I just ordered from Krista and I already have 4 of MissDemented's wigs...The last one I ordered from MD was a "custom" and it didn't really turn out the way I had ordered it...I guess I know why now. It wasn't really custom and I paid $165!! NOT COOL! I am happy that you have found us all another source for these wigs! I will prob continue to buy but I know a better place to look now:) I love wigs and that doesn't change...You know these girls might be cutting/styling the wigs themselves and that is a lot like repurposed art...Maybe they consider that handmade. Its art, its subjective:) I do appreciate the leg work and research...

  11. Just a thought...Why haven't you posted this on MD's feedback...she's still making sales. Its not very fair just to put that on MVL she is not the one who has sold over 1000 pieces...

  12. miss violet lace posted a statement in her shop about the accusations. i can respect that.

  13. @IcarusFlyingHigh
    The Wonderland Tea party Wig is probably this one:



    As I said on formspring, MissD will get the same feedback if she does not fess up and tell us. I had to go to the store for a few minutes, but I'm back now. And I'm going to write them both now. So sorry for the wait. I will keep everyone updated asap.
    Thank you for the feedback.

    Yes, I can respect the update, but I do believe it's not a proper apology for what they did for so long. I'm willing to bet that a lot of their wigs (one color ones) were just resold. But yes, I'm glad that update has been made.
    I will contact her now, and see what I can do.
    Thank you.

  14. I am lacking any respect for MVL having just found my wig on Ebay. She did not alter it in ANY way and she charged me over $40 more.

    Ebay wig (Identical to the one i have in my hand right now, down to the lace inside the wig cap)


    The wig i ordered from MVL (Styled and tweaked):


    I am livid, but thank you Jen for doing all this research.

  15. this morning i messaged/ asked miss D to be honest with me and give me a cancel/refund the wigs that i am currently waiting for her but i have not gotten a reply... even though she has been adding wigs to her etsy shop all morning so she is obviously ignoring my message.

  16. @Cream Rose
    I don't have any respect for her either at this point. I contacted her and MissD regarding this issue and MVL gave me a very sorry excuse saying she never said they make the entire wigs by hand...
    Well that doesn't matter! You implied that you did for so long. She knows what she implied. She knows that she is not innocent - Neither is her mother.

    I've also contacted MissD about this situation. This was over 2 hours ago. Since then she has added things to her shop, and updated her Facebook fan page status on Facebook.
    She is ignoring the issue. Only proving that she is guilty... we know she is. But at least have the balls to fess up, explain yourself, and apologize!
    Also, if you'd like a refund, I'd say you should open a dispute with Paypal and get your money back that way. Good luck!

  17. Well this is a rather sucky situation for us all. :( MVL's excuse is pitiful, you're right, she knows what she did is wrong and now she's trying make it sound like it's all a big misunderstanding.

    I've been waiting on an order from MissD, and I contacted her today regarding it, requesting a refund and to cancel the sale. If I don't hear back from her in a few days, or she refuses, I'll take it up with PayPal.

    It's all just so shady! :(

  18. You should post something on MissD's FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Miss-Demented/131076423589793

    I almost bought a wig from her and I am so happy I found this. Found similar wigs on EBAY for $38 something total in California so it should ship faster.

    I can't believe this!

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  20. I was curious, so looked to see if they were still there. It actually does say that Miss D handmakes the wigs in her profile:


    You should screen capture that while it's still there. Miss VL says they redesign and handalter each one - is that false as well?


  21. I just received a refund for my pending purchases from Miss D. So, thats good and i have nothing else to say on the matter. just glad to know the truth now.

  22. @freebirdsoul, I did too, and I agree, I'm just glad to know the truth now.

  23. Yikes. If this is true, it is awful.

    Have you submitted this to Regretsy yet? They got those wedding dress resellers shut down pretty quick.

    Etsy really needs to rethink their "hand assembled" policy. At LEAST make sellers state what parts are handmade.

    When I hear "handmade wig" I assume she bought the hair material and created the wig herself by attaching it to the cap or whatever.

    If someone can buy a wig on Ebay, make a few snips to it or whatever to make it "altered" then resell it for $120 is insane.

  24. By the way... Jen Cate, have you asked the admins about this on the forums? Without a sock puppet account or calling out on the forums (that's how I found this blog, I assumed that was you)? I'd be curious about their response.

    And do YOU have an etsy account? I think it is only fair if you're calling out other sellers that you also post your own shop.

  25. I am really happy for you guys who have managed to get refunds, that is great.

    I however am still pretty steaming that i have been totally ripped off and lied to.

    My wig has been bought straight off of Ebay and resold to me from MVL with a $$ price hike, advertised as completly HANDMADE by HER at the time of buying.

    I had a little extra money over Christmas and decided to treat myself. My husband looked at all the links last night and he is fuming too.

    I saw that call out on the forums too, yes it against TOU's, but do you know what? I think that is the least of all the wrongdoings.

  26. Any of you who want a refund and get no response from the seller, put in a complaint through Paypal, wait while they do nothing (but you still need the "paper' trail), and get on it with your credit card company- they move pretty quick once the issue is established, and I know- I got back a refund of $300+ through my CC when ComeNGetsy and PayPal would do nothing, but you do have to apply at Paypal first..expect nothing from the flatulent E..they like all those fees too much to do anything except maybe throw the biotches out if they get enough complaints...Good luck with this ♥

  27. MVL had an interview with Kaelah Bee, where she claimed she handmade wigs:
    I'm thinking many of MVL customers are from the blog, all whom were under a false pretense, it's so unethical!!! Not something one is expecting out of a mother and daughter team. MVL and Tiffany DeMichele (who I've always suspected of just reselling wigs) sponsor on Kaelah's blog and send Kaelah wigs to review. They both pray on the fact that Kaelah was told or under the impression that the wigs she is receiving are handmade. If Kaelah is under the impression then so are her followers, I was. It's gross!

    I've purchased two wigs from MVL and one from Miss Demented. Can't really say I was happy with the purchases as they are all sitting in a closet (maybe halloween they"ll make an appearance)? Now knowing both lied when describing the items (100% sure the profiles said HANDMADE) makes this even worse, it's disgusting. As a college student I don't have tons of extra money to throw around, but with the extra I'm totally willing to spend it on what I deem to be quality items. $220 for around $75 of factory made wigs, money not well spent! Since I bought the MVL wigs back in Nov and the Miss Demented wig in Jan, I can't really expect a refund. I'm so upset!

    Jen, THANK YOU for exposing them! I see they are still making sales which really sucks. Miss Demented hasn't fessed up to anything, only changing her profile to not include that she hand makes wigs. I agree with others that Miss Violet Lace's excuse is pitiful. Bravo Krista, way to work the spin, you're sorry for the misunderstanding while continuing to rip off your customers, Bravo! Both sellers have such respectable occupations!
    Jen, I hope you can get the word out there. With over 2000 combined sales they'll have a lot of angry customers.

  28. Hi Jen,

    I really hope you don't mind, but i emailed Etsycallout and they have published this article highlighting this blog and the research you have done!


    Hope it can help spread the word!

  29. @Cream Rose, it looks like it worked... I checked Etsy this morning, and both MissD and MVL's shops are gone!

  30. Wow... excellent work everyone!

  31. Oh my goodness. I feel so betrayed. As a commenter above said, I indeed have supported Miss Violet Lace from the beginning and I've made videos sporting her wigs and interviewed her for my blog. I even have another interview with her going up in a few days as she purchased the Extra Large sponsorship on my blog. I can say from 100% honesty, I was ALWAYS told they were handmade. I can screencap the emails to prove that several months ago I sent out an email to her asking why her and MissDemented's items were identical, and if she just bought them and resold them for a markup. She assured me that she did not, but now she is telling me that she alters them. I never want to lead my readers to think I'm trying to pull one over on them and I am no at a loss for what to do with my sponsorship with her. She has sent me a wig to review for the blog and I must return it, but I'm thinking I need to just send it back all together and terminate the interview.

    I apologize to anyone who reads my blog and took my stellar review of MVL and then was ripped off. I will be contacting Krista for more information.

  32. @Kaelah Beauregarde
    I understand where you're coming from. They had us all fooled. And yes, I can definitely see how you feel betrayed. I believe we all do. :(
    I know you would have never supported MissVioletLace if you had known what was happening. We all put our trust into them.
    Thank you for your response. :) I'm glad that we're all finding out the truth about this... even if it is sad and a bit shocking.

  33. All I can say is, good luck requesting a refund if the wig you purchased was "hand altered". Technically it's within Etsy rules, therefore trying to dispute it won't get ya far. :( I know, I tried.

  34. @Bella Bath and Body
    I am so sorry to hear that. :( That is terrible! I have absolutely no respect for either of those girls. Lying sleazy thieves. >:(

  35. Thank you for this. I may very well be the one who got ripped off the most. I own over 20 Miss Demented wigs. I can't even tell you how much money I spent. It's disgusting really. And I promoted her to death. I believed everything she said. I feel so stupid now. It's disgusting what they did to so many people. They're basically con-artists. It's so sad really. sigghh

  36. In my paypal dispute, MissD lied to Paypal, "I personally HANDMADE this wig by sewing tracks starting from the bottom going to the top and making a circular closure.Then I cut and styled this wig."

    I did not win the dispute but at least her name is on their radar, and if anyone else files disputes against her items there then they will pay closer attention to her. Paypal's Protection Services Department told me,
    "PayPal does not tolerate fraud or illegal activities. Your complaint has
    been noted in the record of the PayPal user you reported. If we find this
    user has violated our policies, we will investigate and take appropriate
    action. If this occurs, you may be contacted in the future about the status
    of this complaint."

  37. @WigTruth, I can't believe she flat out lied to PayPal. At least MVL has come clean and is offering partial discounts. I hope this campaign puts a dent into MissD's wig business.

  38. How do you get the partial discount from MVL?? I ordered a few from her too :( (but not nearly as many as I ordered from MissD.)

  39. I had just ordered from Miss Demented a few days ago. Like others I had bought from her before and now I find the same wig at least $30 cheaper. As well as paying for shipping costs to the EU from her location in the US when the Ebay seller offers much cheaper shipping.

    Thanks for this though, even if I don't get the refund on this one it was an important lesson to look more carefully at what I'm getting.

  40. You can also go to paypal's forum and post a warning to buyer's there.


  41. @wighead, from what I have heard from her customers, they contact her, and let her know they know about the fraud and are upset by it and want a partial refund. She then negotiates an amount with you.

  42. Thanks a lot for this page! I won't buy from either one ever again.

  43. I will be sure to leave this address in my feedback to MVL ! .. since I bought a wig from her recently :(

  44. Got a email from miss demented just now stating that the wig i ordered last week and requested a refund for today after finding all this out is handmade and therefore i can't cancel my order, this is after she lied to me over the weekend when i emailed her to ask what happened to her shop because i wanted to purchase a wig spray to go with my wig and she told me she shut it down to catch up on orders, i guess S.O.L and just have to hope she actually ships the wig :( I suppose if i get it within paypals 45 day window i could file a claim for item not being as described but she would probably just lie to paypal too, at least MVL is being professional about all this and offering some compensation to her buyers and her prices have often been alot less than Miss D's too

  45. I've been giving a lot of thought to this whole situation and why I'm so angry/hurt/ashamed. I think I've finally figured out what is so hurtful about this situation to me (and I'm sure many many others). It's not just the wigs we were buying. It wasn't just stock photos of mannequins displaying the wigs. Both Miss D and MVL used their faces as the branding of their companies. They made things really personal for everyone. They talked about themselves in their profiles. They told of their hair plights---which MANY can relate to. They showed videos of THEMSELVES wearing their wigs. They made everything SUPER personal. We saw the people behind the "companies".

    I'm sure each of us could relate to them because of those things and made it much easier to buy from them. They seemed like super sweet girls and who would think they were feeding us lies?

    Also, many of us were first-time wig buyers (I bought from both shops--my first from MVL). Most of us never knew wigs were an option until these shops! Even now, I am not sure what wig I'd buy from eBay because it is marketed off of mannequin heads and that was one thing that attracted me to both shops. How would the wig look on me? They marketed wigs in such an appealing way.

    It's not the reselling that pisses me off as much as the lies upon lies upon lies. They might have had ok businesses if they just marketed the wigs as wigs---not handmade. Their pictures and service seem way more appealing than buying from China.

    I will never purchase from either shop, but hope to remember which wigs I liked so I can look for them on eBay. Either way, I would love if there was a place where people who purchase off of eBay could post "appreciation" pics of sorts---just to make it easier in making wig decisions in the future.

  46. Since nothing else seems to be working with MissD... For anyone wishing to file a complaint against her business with the California Attorney General's Office- here is the form: http://ag.ca.gov/contact/complaint_form.php?cmplt=CL
    If they get enough complaints they will surely look into this.

  47. Wow. Scammed. I bought from her last week. I guess I'll be attempting to take this up with paypal.

    I looked at these wigs for weeks without buying and I guess I should have listened to my gut feeling..and payed attention to how "high volume" the shop appeared to be.

    I guess the good that has come if it is that we now know about the cosplay wig shops on ebay as a source.

  48. savesomesilence, i'm in the same boat, i'm been debating for ages and finally decided to get one of miss demented's wigs last week, if only i'd waited a little longer! Now i have to wait a while and try filing a claim with paypal i guess, i have a feeling she is not going to honor the orders made in the last little while, why would she? She's had her shop closed and deleted her FB page.

  49. Jae i totally agree, i'm not so upset about the reselling, but all of the lies, especially from Miss Demented, at least MVL came clean and has been offering compensation to her customers. Some of the wigs they really did alter, sew streaks in or whatever, they could have just been honest about that, say we take wigs and customize them or whatever. The wigs do look so much better when you see them on a person than they do on the mannequin heads like most of the ebay shops show them. I probably might have still bought one, who knows?

  50. pparently all of Tiffany DeMichele's wigs can be found in the EpicCosplay store on Ebay.

    I sent her a termination email since she's a sponsor on my blog. MVL and TD will be removed within the day. Here is a screenshot of said email: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_li9cvfKy861qzt1jfo1_500.png

    And if I have enough time I will gather all of my screenshot material and post something on my tumblr or blog as to why I've terminated their sponsorships.

  51. Bleh, this is what MissD is saying to paypal in response to claims being filed against her:

    "I have had a rush of disputes and refund request because someone is defaming and creating false information about my business. This person is rioting people and telling them to go get their refunds and that in unheard of. They are making false accusations and creating a damage to my business. I provided a great quality product and what they are saying is "here say". •The term "handmade" can additionally be interpreted as "hand-assembled" or "hand-altered." ◦Simply tailoring, restoring or repairing an item is not considered handmade. ◦To be considered handmade, the seller must substantially alter the design of an item produced from a "ready to assemble" kit.◦Upcycled, reconstructed or significantly altered vintage items are considered handmade. These items should be listed as handmade, not in the Vintage category.My wigs qualify as handmade and that needed to be clarified.I personally HANDMADE this wig by sewing tracks starting from the bottom going to the top and making a circular closure.Then I cut and styled this wig.In my shop policys,>>>>> There are NO refunds, returns or exchanges of any kind due to health related reasons <<<<<<and additionally,Our custom made high quality wigs are reconstructed, designed and customized per your desire. This can include cut, style, color and more. Im excited to get custom orders and work on new designs so contact me to put your amazing ideas into a rockin MissDemented wig.Im sorry that the buyer found something similar online, but those are not miss demented wigs."

    What a liar, she does not sew these wigs from scratch. I can't believe she's outright lying to paypal. The wigs that I purchased off her etsy shop shows up on her ebay feedback (Minnesotax3) for the exact dates I purchased the wigs from her. If she uses the same paypal for her etsy shop and ebay purchases, wouldn't paypal be able to see that she is buying a large volume of wigs and so her claims about handmaking them from wefts etc is a lie?

  52. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I may just have found the mohawk wigs she 'made'


    Like all of you I am extremely ticked off that miss demented has been found out as a lie as I really enjoyed the style of the wigs and the quick service she provided :/

    Thanks for all the research though, you saved me from spending ALOT of money :P

    Good luck to those seeking a refund ;) x

  53. thank you a lot for this blog and all.. missd is lying to everyone and i know that because i buy my wigs from ebay, too ;) (for 1 year from the same sellers). Her wigs are definitely from ebay, no matter what she says.
    its simply laughable what she is saying to paypal: "Im sorry that the buyer found something similar online, but those are not miss demented wigs"..
    I could go crazy because its totally brazen. we MUST put an end to her.

  54. So, MVL's Etsy shop opened on Aug. 14, 2010. This Ebay account, allhams, has been around since Nov. 20, 1999. Prior to Aug. 14, 2010, most purchases were plus size clothing. MVL has been very open about her "weight loss journey" on youtube and her business blog. ***From Aug. 27, 2010 onward, every purchase made by allhams is a wig from one of the Ebay wig sellers that we've established that all of MVL and MD's wigs come from (mildgreentea-1, onlywig, wigfever, wigstylist, cog_marc, kleidung-damen, etc.) If you click on the items in buyer history, you can see that they're all the wigs you recognize from MVL's shop.

  55. I believe I have found the alternate Ebay account that MVL has been using to buy the wigs she has resold on Etsy since the start of her Etsy shop. I found this account by systematically going through Kleidung-Damen's (wig seller MD/MVL both use on Ebay) feedback and looking for buyers who bought several of his wigs at a time.

  56. The name of this Ebay shop is allhams. This shop does not sell items but has purchased 1708 items and purchases a large volume each month (122 just last month). Allhams' previous name was mikeorsandy. Sandy is Krista (MVL)'s mom/business partner and Mike is her dad's name. (You can verify this because Mike Komis- mail carrier in Dundas, MN, resides at the same address as MVL uses for her business. I can prove this based on my internet searches and return address on my past wig orders from MVL.)http://www.northfieldnews.com/content/dundas-will-add-second-mail-route and http://www.411.info/people-directory/Minnesota/Dundas/Komis/#ixzz1HFD7GA7u

  57. Hey! Thanks so much for taking this issue under your wing! I'm a many time wig purchaser, but only one time from MissD. When I recieved her wig in the mail I was a bit let down- it was quite thin, had a poor cut and was generally weak, and obviously china-made. I've got hair issues (like so many of the commentors) and have turned to wigs for my problem and thought I was getting something good from MD- my other wigs are handmade, and yes, cost so much more, but really- ridiculously poor quality (MD) for the moolah. I'm not so burnt as her poor customer service and wigmanship (now I know hong kong's wigmanship) stopped me from being a repeat customer, but when I saw her store was down I knew something was up! I had given her a neutral remark code as her service was poor and the wig was bleh and she came at me like a viper to "correct" my feedback. Again Jen, thanks so much for doing this and keep up the snoping!

  58. I'm going to complain to Ebay about them both by sending links of the wigs they claim to make as well as links of the wigs they buy from other seller's shops- I'm hoping they will get kicked off Ebay for good!

  59. @Liz - My wig just arrived. I am quite happy with it. It's a beautiful colour and the fibres are fine and silky..however there is NO WAY that this is a handmade wig. It's identical in construction to my friend's cosplay wigs.

    It arrived badly packed too..

    I have left negative feedback on etsy..

    Anyway..off to paypal I go..not that it will do me much good by the sounds of it.

  60. I was always a little suspicious with the prices being the way they are. Sadly, I bought one off of MD a few months ago. I don't regret the purchase, and I bought it knowing I could find cheaper elsewhere, so I'm really not in any position to argue her.

    I also bought a wig off another etsy just a few days ago, with the full expectation that it won't look too great, but I did that on purpose. I need a cheap-ish wig. Although why I didn't buy a cheap cheap-ish wig, I won't understand. But now I'm happy to know which ebay shot to go to for my next wig.

    It's also a little funny because I just noticed that the MD and MVL "disappeared" a while ago, and only the one is still up.

  61. wow i'm so shocked about this! i feel so bad. although i admit i have a terrible habit of searching ebay before i purchase ANYTHING from etsy. half the time i find the product on ebay for less than half the price of etsy... i'm glad their shops got shut down. it sucks how exploited etsy is now with fake sellers. i make clothing and see mass made things constantly, but i feel reporting them does nothing anymore.

  62. FYI, Miss Demented's Etsy shop and Facebook page are back up.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I'm one of the individuals who left a negative feedback for Tiffany De Micheal. Apparently the the 2 website addresses from Jen Cate are deleted. I sent an e-mail about this. Buyers have the right to be informed. I hope esty have a sense of business ethics and principals.

  65. a "little off topic-ish?" BUT
    Paypal sucks more than both of this nitwits together..and that is saying A LOT. Idiots. I don't think they actually INVESTIGATE shit, they just browse, and close. These two wig chicks should be ashamed of themselves, but so would Paypal. I just lost a case for something (off topic) worth $230 (Cell phone sale on eBay) and the buyer got my phone AND My $$$$ even when I supplied evidence that the buyer was being a punkass fraudulent bitch. I mean the claim was open maybe 22 hours TOPS, and it was closed. From start to finish. How is 22 hours time enough to "investigate" anything? Ugh/ Sorry for the Paypal rant...lol but in the end, that's what it's all about here too; to get reimbursed because you were fucked over.

    Sorry guys, that you've ripped by both these wig-bitches AND the by Paypal for not giving you all back YOUR hard earned cash. xo

  66. To everyone who is going to post their feedback to MVL, MD, and TDM. Please add those addresses with your feedback. It's important that potential buyers need to be informed, other wise they will think we are angry about nothing, or give them the impression we are abunch of thugs and bullies.

  67. Oh! I forgot please post these with your feedbacks for MD, MVL, and TDM:
    Most importantly:
    To Jen Cate and the person who left the negative feedback back for TMD. A big thank U!
    And thank U to all of you on this blog for all your support and confidnence!

  68. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I just bought a wig from MVL recently... luckily it was so recent I can still open a 'not as described' case and see if I can get some, if not all, of my money back.
    I had to research the wig I bought as it isn't in this post, but BAM there is was for a third of the price.
    How dare they! I'm outraged. I can't imagine how the blog authors feel who've put up interviews of MVL describing how she 'sews' the wigs together. Urgh.
    Any advice for what I should put in the case to get my money back anyone????

  69. Oh btw MD is back and selling wigs again.

  70. Wow this is pretty f*d up! Shop around people! 100 bucks for a wig is waaaay too much! I hope they get shut down for ripping people off.

  71. MD told me she hand made the caps, which look identical to the cap on the wig i bought from ebay. I had pretty much walked away from the situation, until today when i realized MD had left me neg. feedback!! for telling the truth on her feedback i imagine. how very mature. lies and drama. i wish i would have known about this sooner, it's not like i have money to just throw away.

  72. I think you all need to step off the rabble bandwagon and have a serious think.

    There are few points that I think need to be made about this entire issue and severely thought about before being discarded.

    Before you all grab your pitchforks and are ready to set out to ruin MD and MVL PLEASE think about what I am about to say.

    I bought a MD wig. Cost me $130 all up
    and I'd do it again.
    You know why?
    Because nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that I will step outside and look awesome, eye-catching and compliment inspiring... That no matter how shitfully I slept the night before, my hair will look FANTASTIC.

    That I wont have to worry about paying some vacuous hairdresser ridiculous amounts just to dye my re-growth.

    So please think about those customers of MD and MVL that truly enjoy their wigs, and may not care that they aren't HAND MADE from scratch.

    I will be frank and say that all the wigs that you've found on ebay that MD and MVL have aren't the ones I am interested in, in fact I would put them on my dog.

    I bought my wig because it was two toned- Black and bright pink- and heat styleable. So far it appears none of the ones that you all have found have been heat styleable.

    A bit of a number crunch for you here.
    I went into a hairdresser about 3 months ago, to find out how much it would cost to get my bangs dyed bright pink.
    They quoted me $70.
    and that was with me footing the cost of the bright pink hair dye.

    So how much would it cost to get my hair styled exactly the same as my wig?
    I shudder to think!
    Not to mention getting the re-growth bleached and dyed!

    So what about those girls out there who want to get their hair done without having to worry about all that?

    I wouldn't have ever thought about a wig until MD came along, I can't even think about how I came across her etsy!
    But I certainly never would have thought to buy a bright colored ebay wig to satisfy my urge to have bright colored hair without ruining my hair like I did when I dyed it purple...!

    If I could buy a MD again and save my hair from the hideousness that is bleaching I would.

    But if all of you have your way I may not be able to.

  73. Can anyone here provide links to some of the ebay shops that MD and MVL got there wigs? I was curious about buying one of Miss Demented's brown wigs with some neon streaks in it. Lucky for me googling her name and finding this site before hitting the buy button!


  74. wow, thank you for posting this and preventing me to be ripped off more in the future.. I feel like an idiot.. (I purchased from MVL)

    I would have never expected something like this.. this is just mean :(

  75. Im just wondering I know you say that MD buys her wigs off ebay but wheres the proof? Just cause the wig caps look the same doesnt mean anything. Now im not saying she doesnt buy her wigs and style them but wheres the real proof that the ones on ebay are the exact ones and she just gives them a hair cut. Im just asking cause without some hard evidence of that its just slander. They may be similar but I really dont think there the exact same ones. I just notice that jen always talks about ebay and posts links directley to wigs whos to say she doesnt have a store and this is all to make you buy from her. Just asking again since there was an earlier post about jen having a store which she never confirmed nor denied.

  76. @Darryl

    The sellers in Ebay are mostly all from China so I can guarantee you that Jen's not sending us to stores where she is the seller...also if you look a little deeper into MD's buying patterns you can actually see what buyers she has bought wigs from on Ebay and resold in her own store. I'm not mad that she is a reseller, lord knows that is what retail is but the fact that she promoted them as handmade by herself is the issue. Obviously her store no longer says that they are handmade but if you look at the screenshots of her shop prior to this whole drama-lama the evidence is pretty clear. It's whatever though, I'm over it. I don't see this page as an attack of MD or MVL, but basically a place where people can be informed before making a purchase. If they still decide to buy from them after reading this information, more power to them. I for one will look elsewhere.

  77. Hmm about you being pretty sure jen doesnt have a store or work for an ebay seller to do this type of work, which is whitehat and blackhat marketing, if it is true cannot be said because this is the internet and anyone can be who ever they want. Now again using evidence that these sellers are buying these wigs from a certain seller based on a pattern is not evidence that they do. Again not saying that they dont buy solid wigs and dye them and cut them to make them unique. But saying that they buy from specific sellers resale them you cannot because your evidence is a possibilty not a fact. You need to have bank statements or reciepts or shipping evidence that it went to there place of business. Now onto the word handmade has anyone looked up the definition of the word. It has a very loose definition. All it says is something that is made by hand not by machine. Now before you go jumping down my throat saying well if they are buying these wigs from mass producers there not hand made but think about this does a clothes designer thread and weave all the fabric then cut the design and sow it together. No they buy a sheet of fabric and sow it into something. So were these girls actually wrong to put hand made on there website if they bought there material cut it different ways dyed it and sowed in new pieces to make it different keep in mind doing all this by hand. Now I know you all say but the prices are outrages well should someone not be paid for there time and labor. Has anyone here actually ever custom handmade a wig cap I bet its not that easy go ahead buy one try it you might end up buying two maybe three before you get it right but by that time was it worth it. You could have bought one of these girls wigs all ready cut dyed added to whatever for the same price you just bought those two or three wigs for. In my eyes these wigs are hand made.

  78. Uh.. it's not a rip off. Sure she doesn't *make* the wigs. She buys them, cuts them, and adds some extra dye if she has to. (Yes she does, because she does custom wigs as well.)
    It's like buying chocolate and saying it's a scam because the person didn't make the milk.
    She still does a lot of work from the original wig to the finished wig, and it's worth the extra money.

  79. By the way. The "banana berry" one, and the one off ebay look completely different. Check out the bangs. It's not like she could have made the wig grow more hair = 3=.

  80. @Broccoli
    Actually, she doesn't dye them or cut them AT ALL. :) And yes, it is a rip off. But if you want to be an idiot and buy her overpriced resold things from China, well, go right ahead. Your logic sucks and you're stupid, lol. :)

    And by the way, have you not heard of being able to ADJUST THE CONTRAST on photos? Of course the "Banana Berry" one looks slightly different, but that doesn't mean it isn't the exact same one. Also, look how long the bangs are on the Ebay wig. They aren't too short. It's not like you can't still bobby pin them to the side. :)


    And @David
    Who's a hater? If you're calling most of us haters, well sure, go right ahead. In fact, I am a "hater". Wouldn't you be too if you had been scammed? But you must be a friend of MD or MVL, huh? Lol.

  81. She does cut the wig, and sorry but I think you're the one that's "stupid". You have no logic besides "oh look the colours look the same." My logic are videos of her cutting the wigs, and that she makes custom wigs. Idiot, where is she going to buy a custom. Yes I've heard of changing the contrast, but Mrs Demented has MANY photos of every wig, unlike the cheap plastic wigs with only one picture that you claim she's stealing. My friend bought a wig from one of those people a while ago, thinking that it would look the same as the expensive one she bought from Mrs Demented, and she was very dissapointed. No volume, very hard to work with, stiff etc. No offense, but I think that seeing the two wigs side by side in real life, and comparing them myself, is better logic then comparing pictures with similar colour. Once again, even after your statement which is not backed up at all, and calling me "stupid" for realizing a point that you did not even care to investigate, I am still willing to buy her wigs. Sorry, but you need to review her facts. Once again, if you go on her page, she clearly states that she "styles, and cuts" the wigs. Not makes them. That's in fact what etsy is for, which is why she hasn't been banned from the website, and will never be banned by cheap proof like this. I'm very familiar with every photoshop technique as I have a major in media arts.

    Grow up, you think you're so smart because you found two things that look the same- which probably took you hours and hours of scimming through wigs. And what has this really given you? Clearly my statement is right because the people who run Etsy have heard all of these complaints and have not done anything against her. Does that logic suck? Wake up.

  82. By the way, the people who run Etsy aren't the only ones on my side. She has 97% positive feedback.

  83. @Broccoli
    LOL, you really are that simple minded? You think that ALLLLLLLLLLL of those wigs that look SO PAINFULLY SIMILAR - OH WAIT, because they're the EXACT same wigs is just a COINCIDENCE?

    And no, it didn't take me hours to find these wigs. I found them all within a few minutes because -GASP- I have a brain, and clearly, you are just completely blinded by your own idiocy.
    Maybe it would take you hours to find them. But hey, you STILL. Yes... STILL have not realized that you're being ripped off. And for that, I LAUGH at you. :)

    I see that you have also completely FAILED to realize that ETSY turns the other cheek at the complaints they get about RESELLERS. Wanna know why!? BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTINUE TO LET THEM SELL ON THEIR WEBSITE AS LONG AS THEY TOO ARE MAKING A PROFIT FROM THEIR LISTINGS AND SALES.
    Etsy and Etsy resellers are just money hungry, lying thieves. And since we're on a role here, and you think you're one smart person, I will go as far to say that I do indeed feel sorry for simple minded people like you.
    Wait, I don't feel sorry FOR YOU. I feel sorry for the people that have to DEAL WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Have mercy on us all, you are the exact reason why this world is headed in the terrible direction it is now.
    And now that I've got that off my chest, I hope you all are having a lovely week so far! ;)

  84. Miss Demented can cut and style her wigs to the EXACT same quality and layers as Mild green tea on ebay, Except Mild green teas wigs are softer :) TRUE STORY!!!!!!! Lmao

  85. LMAO @JEN CATE!!!

  86. Upcycling is not a crime. This is ridiculous. You are all a bunch of mindless drama queens.

  87. @GagaovrGoo

    No, UPCYCLING is not a crime, but SCAMMING people is. They are lying thieves.

    And lol @ 'drama queens'.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Based on this post I bought a wig from ebay for $19 (free shipping!), and it was amazing. People who say "oh the ones on ebay aren't the same quality" are just not getting it, you don't just get the halloween wig, you need to look for the Japanese heat-style wigs which are made of very very fine nylon which is what these two are doing. You can style it just like hair and it looks incredibly realistic. And I've yet to see one on ebay over $30.

  90. I was mad at you at first, because I thought you were just trying to destroy their careers. So I went to their suppliers you had listed and then I saw the one wig I was going to by from MissDemented sold for 27 dollars, while hers was over 120 dollars. Thank you so much.

  91. awe, i'm bummed that i just now am seeing this. i ordered a custom wig to replicate my hair about a year or so ago, since i could no longer keep dying it and i was wondering why the custom wig she 'made' was so damn shitty looking.

    i requested something that looked exactly like this:

    and she 'made' this:

    i obviously demanded my money back ($126), but i made the mistake of buying a different wig for around $60. what a bitchfat.

  92. Just a thought - try mentioning this to Regretsy (http://www.regretsy.com/). They frequently expose scam artists/resellers etc on Etsy, and have been successful in getting a few removed too. Good luck :)

  93. Good looking out. Shame shame shame!

  94. This case seems pretty cut and dry, but keep in mind, just because something looks the same, doesn't mean it's not handmade. Some people get overzealous in their reporting and report innocent sellers.
    As an example, my friend makes soap and she buys common molds which you can buy anywhere to make cute shapes like hearts, animals, etc. Someone reported her to Etsy as a reseller b/c her soaps look like ones you can buy elsewhere. My friend had to go through an extensive process w/Etsy to get her shop unlocked. Then she closed it and took her business elsewhere b/c she was so pissed off.

  95. Hey guys :( I bought this wig http://www.ebay.com/itm/BUBBLEGUM-POP-Blonde-Straight-Pink-Emo-Long-Scene-Wig-/330662632664?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item4cfd075cd8 last year, but from MD and it's exactly the same as the one that's listed up now!!! so that's proof that they're buying and reselling them, giving something a little snip in the fringe doesn't make it hand made! if the wigs were hand made for one they'd feel the need to state that "all items are hand made and so may have slight differences" but they DON'T because they don't have to worry about that, they restock wigs that are identical and this wouldn't be possible if they were hand made, or even restyled to the point where they could be hand made - which they're not.. like I said at the VERY most it's going to be just a snip here or there.

    Does anyone know where they bought that wig from originally ? :(

  96. Oh jeez... well, never buying from them again! I already own 4 of each :/

  97. MissVioletLace's wigs aren't even pretty. LOL

  98. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ginabarto?section_id=11823275

    This shop seems to be a fraudulent shop as well. :/

  99. I have been looking at those wigs on ebay for a couple years now and to be honest I'm really surprised someone thought they could actually get away with reselling them. I have bought those wigs from the actual cheap ebay shop they came from, and I have seen a couple of other people reselling them as well, I wish I could remember their names now but I'm afraid I can't, but like I said. They are easy to spot. VERY easy, which is why I'm surprised they actually got away with it for so long. I just always assumed everyone knew they were affordable ebay wigs and laughed it off when I saw someone claiming they hand made them and priced them too high.

  100. @cady
    yeah this wig
    is available on ebay for 18.00 I just bought it lol

  101. wheres the river monster wig the cheap one?

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  103. There are plenty of photos showing their expensive wigs next to the eBay ones. People say the color is different the eBay wig is not the same thing! When really it all comes down to two different brands of cameras, two different brands of cameras can take a picture of the same thing and it looks different. The color could look very different. It does not mean they are different objects. It just means it was taking with two different cameras and or camera settings.

    Here is a question and answer that MVL did. http://lahteadah.blogspot.com/2011/01/fashion-feature-miss-violet-lace.html one of the questions asked was what is your favorite piece you have designed? Her answer was, “My favorite is Sugar Cupcake Taffy. It is a two-tone black w/ blue, and a turquoise top portion, with streaks of cotton candy pink blended in. It was my first two-tone wig, and is an original Miss Violet Lace design. We came up with the two tone design because there simply wasn’t that kind of wig style on the market, and we wanted to set ourselves apart as designers. It’s a design I’m very proud of, I think it turned out beautifully.” $160 it is listed under the picture. Found this one eBay might not be the same but very similar.

    I have not bought a wig from MVL or MD or EBAY. As a matter of fact I was on etsy & eBay looking at wigs to buy and was wondering why the seller MD & MVL was selling the same wigs for so much more. Then I googled their names and found this mess about how they scammed people. I did not know anything about any of this and I can see that the wigs on eBay are the same exact thing. Hey if people want to pay more for a wig let them. I’m just glad this info is out there so the people know the truth and if they know the truth It’s up to them if they buy them or not. As for me I think I will buy the eBay one and style it myself.

  104. Just found this! Thank you so much! I was seriously about to buy a $155 wig from her until I read her feedback and it said she was a scam and to google her!

    So I did and this was the first site that popped up!

    Thanks for saving me the extra money!!! Lol

  105. But she's not really rippping you off, because she will customize the wig however you want it, style them differently, and make them her own (Or your own if you want to change it) The wigs in the pictures from the people "Ripping you off" Looked a pretty different from the ebay pictures and stuff and they look a lot better and styled prettier. So she's not really scamming you. And nowhere on her site does she say her wigs are hand made, they say they're custom. Which they are. So Honestly? You're not being ripped off.

  106. @Hannah, it said that they were handmade in 2011 when this was posted. now, everybody just knows better than to buy her ebay wigs.

  107. I bought this wig from amazon for $15.99: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AO6UKQO/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i02?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    I recently read all this banter over their shops so I looked for it myself, and here is the wig I bought in MissVioletLace's Shop for $64.99!!!
    All she did was trim it a bit shorter, and voila! Its suddenly 4 times the price. Its sad and disgraceful really.

  108. i'm glad i found this! i was gonna get a wig from one of them 4 Christmas, but i dont wanna pay that much! i saw theirs on ebay, what site do i need to go to to find similar wigs?

  109. i was about to order a plain black wig from miss demented for 65.00 on sale. decided not to after reasearch. now some of you are defending her saying she still changes it somehow therefore she's not ripping you off. i wouldnt mind if she was doing this, but if she sold them for maybe a few bucks more for a specific cut, then i would understand. but i dont understand the high price. and she's not honest, that's the worst problem . so yes, when you spend tons of money on a mediocre product, it is scamming. her wigs look like they're worth no more than 25.00. look closely. the hair is too shiny. it will look completely rediculous and fake in the sun. i feel bad for anyone who fell in her trap thinking you bought a good product. they're cosplay wigs. not something to wear everyday. and 56.00 + for a party wig? i think not...

  110. Does anyone know if her wig perfume is also just something she got off eBay cheap and sells at a higher price? I LOVE the scent Vampire Kiss, but it's $10 and if I can get it cheaper elsewhere, you can bet I'll be buying it elsewhere. Or if anyone knows the recipe for the scent, that would be AWESOME.

  111. Insisting you are "hand making" a twelve dollar wig by cutting the bangs doesn't make it a quality product, or hand made by what an average person would consider the definition to be. I have medical hair loss, have purchased tons of wigs. I recommend kekeshop on etsy. Her wigs are great quality, super comfortable, and the best I've bought anywhere. The shops mentioned here always looked like cheap wigs to me, so I never bought any from them.

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