Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miss Demented (Etsy Shop) & Miss Violet Lace (Ebay Shop) Screenshots

Here is a screenshot taken from MissDemented's Etsy shop claiming that she makes the wigs herself:
(Outlined in red)
 And a link to the image:

(I find it just slightly amusing that the captcha I had to type in to upload the image included the word "revealed".)

Also, here is a screenshot taken from MissVioletLace's Ebay store:
(sadly, I didn't take one from her Etsy shop before she changed it... if you happen to have a screenshot of her shop announcement BEFORE she changed it, let me know so I can post it here! :) )

And again, link to the image:

Here's what her Facebook fan page said BEFORE to being edited:
Link to the image:

So they may have changed their info up, but there's still proof of their previous statements. :)

Also, any questions/comments/whatever you wanna say, feel free to send them to:



  1. I just wanted to share my final experience in all this mess... I contacted PayPal about a refund, stating that the product I purchased was falsely advertised as being handmade.

    I linked my purchase, and the exact same wig on Ebay. MissD stated it was handmade, and then stated Etsy rules regarding the "altering" and such.

    All in all, my claim was denied. Which sucks, but at least I tried. Thanks again Jen for brining all of this to light, we all appreciate it. :)

    Good luck everyone! I've found lots of the same wigs on EBay (still looking for a couple) but if anyone needs help, feel free to message me!

  2. Bella Bath and Body, that really sucks I was thinking about contacting Etsy and paypal but i don't think i would get anywhere since i'm pretty sure the wig i ordered last week is one of the ones she technically "alters" I can't find any resembling it on ebay and even if I did she would probably just lie and claim it was a coincidence since i requested to cancel my order today because of all this and she replied and said all her wigs are handmade and so i can't cancel my order. I haven't got it yet since i only ordered last week right before all this came out but I think it's just a plain brown wig and she sews a couple pink and purple hair pieces in, which is technically within etsy's guidelines i guess for alterations. But i paid like $80 + shipping for a wig i could have gotten on ebay for probably around $20 and some streaks i probably could have gotten for $10 and sewn in myself. I guess we've all learned for next time!

  3. Everyone should also report this shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/TiffanyDeMichele?ref=top_trail I believe it's Miss Demented selling under a false name. They're both from the same area in California, and it really just stinks of her

  4. This shop is hers as well: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissBellaMuerte
    I bought something from there before all this came out.. and when I checked who I just payed on paypal, it was Miss Demented =/

  5. Technically the wigs that are not altered and sold as is, are violations of the terms of use for Etsy. I reported my purchases. And if you provide proof through paypal, you can get your $ back. The more people who report the more likely she will be banned.

  6. Bella Lili did you have any luck getting your money back from paypal? what kind of proof did you provide?

  7. Well I had to escalate the claim. I provided specific links to the exact wigs I ordered that were identical to her's that are for sale all over ebay. It's being reviewed. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

    Be prepared to offer proof that the wig is unaltered. Mine were not "cut or styled". I even went so far as to buy the same ones on Ebay they have the same stitch lines, so her argument that she sews each ones is completely false.

    Do your homework and find links. Report retaliatory feedback too. I have 2520 feedback and now 1 neg due to her. As an Etsy seller, it really pisses me off.

  8. I reported the feedback to etsy they said there was nothing they could do

  9. I was just wondering if anyone who had opened a paypal dispute had any input for me? I filed a complaint with paypal about on of these sellers and paypal ruled in my favor saying the item could be returned in it's original condition but @ my expense, I would have to ship it with delivary confirmation and all that and after it's confirmed delivered then they will process a refund. My question is what happens if I do this and then the seller receives the wig and lies or something, like she's known to do, and says i sent it back ruined or not in it's original condition? It is a took it out of the box and tried it on when i got it and the rest of the time it's been in the bag it came with because i wasn't happy with it, thought maybe i'd wear it for halloween. Then would paypal deny my refund? I'm just worried that if i send it back, which will cost me about $20, that she'll lie or something and then I won't get my money back, i won't have the wig and i'll be out an extra $20, i don't really want loose any more money to these people!! I don't have much faith in paypal because i've had a dispute with them before where i bought from an ebay seller who never sent my items or responded to my emails and i went through the whole claim process and won but the seller had no money in their paypal account and had basically disappeared (It was a seller with only one feedback and normally i wouldn't buy but it was a cheap $20 thing, but that's not the point) so i didn't get my money back. Which kind of made me wonder what the point of paypal buyer protection is if just because there's no funds in the account you don't get you're money back. I thought the whole point was you would get you're money back regardless. So yeah sorry for the ramble but anyone have any advice?