Saturday, March 19, 2011

I need YOUR help! Reviews needed for the blog!

Hello again, everyone!
A few people are wondering about the quality of the wigs from Ebay compared to the ones that MissDemented/MissVioletLace/TiffanyDeMichele/Other fakers that sell wigs on Etsy.

I know that some of you have recently purchased wigs from Ebay (as well as myself) and I would love to have reviews from all of you on what you think of them compared to the wigs being *resold on Etsy.

So when you receive your wig(s), either write a blog review, do a video, or just email me at with your thoughts!

I'd like to know:

-What material the wig you got from Ebay is made from.
Remember that MD and MVL's wigs were made from kanekalon.

-Is your new wig from Ebay shiny or more natural looking?

-Is this a wig that was also being resold on Etsy?

-General comparisons between Etsy "handmade" wigs and Ebay wigs.

If you do a blog/written review, photos of side by side wigs are welcomed!
If you do a video, a comparison of MD/MVL/TDM wigs and Ebay wigs are also very welcome!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you soon! :)

Remember, questions/comments/whatever you gotta say, send them over to

NOTE: It may take some time to get to your question/comment but I'm getting to everyone asap! :)

*not ALL wig sellers on Etsy are resellers, but more than a handful are.


  1. Will do. I have a wig from Missdemented on the way and have just ordered an ebay wig.

  2. @savesomesilence
    Very awesome! Looking forward to seeing/reading it! Thanks! :)

  3. I have a wig I bought from MD called "Writing Her Tragedy". I paid $76, and of course she was having a sale. I FOUND IT ON SOUTHPANDA EBAY!!!

    It doesn't appear she did anything to "alter" this wig!!

  4. pinkquinlan---I got that same exact one, too, and I found it on ebay in a couple of places with no "altering" done. Also, in MD's listing it looked a lot shorter than what I got---but it looks the same exact length in the ebay listing. idunno if you noticed that too.

  5. Jae - I did notice. Mine appeared exactly like the eBay listing as well. I think MD probably trimmed hers up for the post pictures. I had to trim my bangs because they were far too long. I do love the wig, but Karma will get her for dishonesty.

  6. here is an ebay wig review i just did, sorry i'm super dorky i've never done a video before ;) ... i don't know if this is one of the resells or not.

  7. Here is my video........

  8. I have owned the popular cherry pink long layer wig...MissVioletLace's one is called "Cupcake Princess", and MissDemented's one is called "Gummy Bears". Mine was purchased from ProfessionalOnly on ebay and cost me less than $30 including shipping, came with a free wig cap and a free hair clip.

    I never bought from either of these ladies but I am certain my wig is 100% identical to the ones they were selling. 100% kanekalon, starts out fairly shiny but with wear it settles to a natural shininess (which is one of the reasons I like KK fiber). From the pictures I have seen of MD and MVL's wigs the lace caps and fullness are identical. Unfortunately the wig got lost in a move so I don't have it to take more detailed pictures.

    Brand New:
    After Wear:

    The only difference between ebay and these sellers is they tease the wigs, but anyone can do that, it doesn't require any special tools or skills.

  9. Also, a word on the "dread" wigs: these wigs are machine made "dreads". In other words the smooth hair was just twisted tight and the ends were melted together, probably with a braid sealer or ligher. I put the word "dreads" in quotations for these because they are not dreaded, just twisted. These WILL fall apart quite easily because they are not backcombed. There is a reason these are so cheap compared to actual hand-made dread wigs (which are over $100 and well worth the price).

    You can take these machine made dreads apart and backcomb and reseal them to make them last longer if you want to. However, if you're not experienced with synth dread making I would not recommend it because it's not as easy as it looks.

    Any of the KK wigs can be dreaded and can have dread extensions added for fullness.

  10. Hi everyone :)

    Well, I ordered a wig from ebay after the scandal began. It was a "new" one I saw from MissD. I don't remember what she called it, but it was a short bob, dark brown and cherry red colored. Very cute. I found it on Ebay from this store:

    I got it today, and wow I love it! Exactly the same quality as the ones I've purchased from MissD before. Soft and silky, and the same type of wig cap inside. Here is the wig I got:

    Good luck everyone & thanks again Jen for setting this blog up! :)

  11. Bella Bath and Body- Is the wig you purchased very shiny? Just wondering because from a lot of the pictures of wigs in the shop you mentioned they seem to look kinda shiny- just wondering. Thanks!

  12. This one has some shine, but it's not un-natural looking. :)

  13. Btw MissDemented is leaving negative retaliatory feedback. So now have I have 1 shinning negative because I left her negative. I reported her and the transaction to Etsy. But beware, that her bullying or threat of negative feedback shouldn't deter you from leaving her bad feedback, and report her! There are great hard-working sellers on Etsy, she is the kind of person to ruin it for everyone. :::gets off her soap box:::

  14. review on miss demented's "dark temptress" wig ---- >


  15. @Bella Lilli - yep. She is leaving retaliatory negs...I don't care so much because I almost never shop etsy...and since they don't seem to be coming to the party to look after their customers I doubt I will again anyway.

  16. Tiffany De Michele is also leaving retaliatory negative feedback, she left me negative because i left her neutral feedback, then sent me an email asking to "kiss and make up". I reported it to etsy but haven't heard back yet

  17. I also got this one:

    Wow, long link, sorry! I don't know if MissD or MVL offered this wig, but it's a lovely, natural brown color, not super dark, but more medium brown I suppose. It's got very loose curls/waves, and fluffs really well. Not un-naturally shiny AT ALL, it's very soft and very realistic looking. :)

    I was thinking we should start a Facebook group or something, that way we can post pics and videos a bit easier. :)

  18. @Bella Bath and Body - That looks like MissDemented's "Brownie Points"..

  19. In the continuing class that MissDemented is showing, she canceled my purchase through Etsy saying that we agreed to do so but is still contesting the refund through PayPal.

    Seems like an attempt on her part to avoid another negative feedback, or scam me all together by not even sending the item. Unbelievable!

  20. As someone who was lucky enough to be fully refunded by Miss Demented before all of this stuff hit the fan, I would love to help others out in any way possible. I have saved every transaction and communication between Miss Demented and I, and one of the wigs that I was to purchase from her was featured in this blog - the outer space three toned wig. She charged me like $100 for it, and as we all know, it's available from multiple sources on Ebay for a fraction of the price! There is no way she can claim that wig was handmade by her.

    Also, to anyone who would like to take things one step further. I would very much recommend filing mail fraud charges at this point. On a former site I frequented (, there was a girl who scammed several users by not trading items that she had promised and taking our end of the trade. This was mail fraud and resolved itself very quickly once we all went that avenue, and frankly, this situation with the liar Miss D seems much more severe!

    The link to report mail fraud is linked below. I would suggest to anyone making a complaint to make sure to highlight under "Complain Information" either 'failure to provide' or 'misrepresentation of product/service' found under Merchandise or Service. Good luck everyone and I hope this works out for you all!

  21. Mail fraud take forever but it can be very effective. The IC3 (internet crime complaint center) may also be useful since this is technically a case of fraud, or at the very least GROSS misrepresentation.

  22. This is really disappointing... I don't think any of these people selling these "scene" wigs on etsy are hand making them. I purchased a wig from someone else on etsy, thinking I was doing a good thing by supporting an "artist" in my area and not going the cheap route... And I get screwed. I have one of her wigs, a Miss D. wig and they are pretty much identical. From now on, seeing as how everyone is satisfied with their ebay wigs, that is the same route I am going. I got two for the price of one "artist" wig.

    And by the way.... How would someone go about making these wigs? Like if I just wanted to make them myself. They appear uncomplicated.

  23. I just got a turquoise blue wig from Ebay today in the mail and I am very pleased with it. It's called "C110 Green Black Blue Lolita Long Cosplay Wig FREE SHIP." It cost $34 and came with free shipping. It took 3 weeks to arrive. The item location is listed on Ebay as Hong Kong but the package I got is stamped Singapore. It came with a free wig cap and was packaged very securely so the wig did not get tangled, mussed or curled in transit.

    In fact, I had bought Typhoon (also known as Cobalt minus the black streaks) from MD and Winter Wonderland (also known as Blue Raspberry) from MVL in the past. I just ordered this wig to satisfy my suspicion that they are identical to each other. I put all three next to each other on the ground and they are in fact the exact same wig.

    The ebay wig I ordered is made of kanekalon. It is not shiny, but is the same hue as MD and MVL wigs. It is the same exact color mix of blue, green, navy fibers. It is the same long length and has the same bangs as Cobalt and as MD's Temptress wig (which is the black version of the ebay wig I bought.) The bangs on MVL's Blue Rasp/Winter Wonderland wig are shorter, so I'm guessing she trimmed them.

    I ordered my Ebay wig from one of the sellers MD and MVL bought their wigs from- pink_pink_house. This seller was responsive and professional in response to my email inquiry. She really seems to care about customer being completely satisfied. Here is a link to the wig I bought-

  24. I need to VENT!! I bought 4wigs from MD and have had mixed feelings about them. BUT THE LAST STRAW came when I filled out my last feedback for the LAST wig I will ever order from this scam artist!! For one thing: I paid her immediately after receiving my custom listing on etsy THEN after about 2MONTHS of patiently waiting I FINALLY FORCED HER TO SEND ME SOMETHING and it was TOTALLY wrong!! It wasn't the color I asked wasn't the style I asked for...BUT THE WORST part is that I just decided to be cool and leave her neutral feedback (with no comment)and she retaliated by giving ME NEGATIVE FEEDBACK as a buyer!! I H8 this seller and I hope she goes down...Anything I can do to make that happen just let me know!! I am NOT A SUPPORTER of these fake handmade wigs that are bought off ebay. As a REAL artist that makes my own pieces and doesn't take shortcuts...she doesn't deserve to sell on a handmade site like etsy!! Karma will catch up to this horrible person!!

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